data and artificial intelligence

The Future of Data and Artificial Intelligence: What’s Coming Next?

Industries and consumers tend to look at the leading edge of data and artificial intelligence as the representation of the ...
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innovation in retail

Making Digital Innovation in Retail a Reality

Digital innovation is an imperative for the retail sector as it’s rocked by endless economic shifts from the pandemic to ...
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digital innovation in healthcare

Digital Innovation Frameworks in Healthcare

Digital Transformation Frameworks for Digital Innovation Possibilities  On-demand healthcare delivery is one means of digital innovation possibilities where mobile and ...
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innovation in healthcare

Pathways to Innovation in Healthcare

Healthcare ecosystem challenges like stringent regulations, data silos, privacy concerns and steeply rising costs have grown more acute in the ...
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financial services innovation

Creating Innovation Possibilities in Financial Services

While regulations, consumer demands, and technology have always shaped financial services, the pandemic has made innovation an imperative for survival ...
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innovation in manufacturing

5 Connected Innovation Trends in Manufacturing

Like all other sectors, advanced manufacturing has had to meet the pandemic’s unprecedented disruption by leveraging and deploying innovative technologies ...
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digital innovation

The Complete Guide to IT Innovation

Why Constant Change is Here to Stay Although the concept of digital transformation (DX) is decades old, businesses have only ...
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it innovation

Top 5 IT Innovation Projects Your Enterprise Must Undertake In 2022

The last several years of a pandemic, remote workforce, and supply chain challenges, among other events, show enterprises the importance ...
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autosys to cloud composer

Why Your Financial Services Enterprise Should Migrate from AutoSys to Cloud Composer

The ability to connect data, processing, and services is the foundation of the modern financial services enterprise. You want to ...
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